Beam-based Diagnostics class at the USPAS 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The purpose of the computer class of the beam-based diagnostics course is to demonstrate some of the concepts introduced in the lectures. The class made use of Matlab, which is a program package mostly for numerical computation that is widely used at accelerator laboratories. The accelerator code used was the Accelerator Toolbox (AT) (mostly written by Andrei Terebilo from SLAC/SSRL) with the so called accelerator control 'middle layer' (mostly written by Greg Portmann from LBNL/ALS).

You can download the matlab middle layer software, including AT and LOCO, as well as the lattice and control system configuration files of many light sources at

Matlab scripts (*.m) with examples for computer lab (will be posted daily):

Copies of homework problem sets or solutions available by e-mail request from

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